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Google Maps - Google Places and Google Local are all the same thing. As Google has developed the Google Local technology there has been a updating of the product names (several times).

Google Maps (Local) now replaces the Telephone Directory.

The telephone book was the source of advertising for local business for over 100 years. A business listing or enhanced ad was purchased for several hundred dollars per month per phone directory. To receive good coverage in many areas there was a need to purchase enhanced listings in several different phone directories.

The number of people searching by handhelds has exceeded 50% of search and growing rapidly. If your business does not have a Google Maps or Google Local strategy your likely loosing business and the future is in question for your business.

Google Maps are very important in getting your business found by new customers looking for your services or products.

New News Google Maps & Google Places is here to stay!

New News Google Maps & Google Places are here to stay!


The 4 critical steps in securing top Google Local Rankings.

Claim your Google Listing
Setup of Categories
Business Reviews
Google Compliant Citations and Linking

Along with these 4 critical Google Local SEO factors, it is important that you have an online presence (website).

You will want to be listed in local business directories where local customers will find your business. Once your business has achieved page one rankings maintaining your position in local search is important. Ongoing consistent application of citations and linking become crucial in keeping or improving ranking position. Now is the time to advance your businesses marketing and future.

The Importance of Citations in Google Maps & Local SEO

Citations are like inbound links but include your business phone number and address. When Google finds your business information on varied websites in a specific format, it will categorizes your business not only as valid but also relevant to the category.


Our Local SEO Team can apply our tested strategy to boost your Google Local listing and start sending a new customer stream to your business. Call for us for a consultation today. 

It's About Citations for Maps & Local Listings

Street-Map- Google Local Citations