High Google Local Rankings are all about Google Citations.
Citations are similar to one way links but with address and phone numbers included. Citations tell Google Local that your business is both relevant and valid as shown by the many varied citations pointing to your business.

The telephone book was the source of advertising for local business for over 100 years. A business listing or enhanced ad was purchased for several hundred dollars per month per phone directory. To receive good coverage in many areas there was a need to purchase enhanced listings in several different phone directories, which increased advertising costs.

When Google finds your business telephone number and address in specific formats, it places your business in relevant categories of local search. As result of good citations your Google Local listings move up on the list.
Google Local Citations

Google Citations are very important in the Success of your Google Local SEO Plan

Huge benefit can come from having your business at or near the top of the Google Local listings for your business categories. If you don't seize the opportunity to rank high in your local market someone else will. It all centers around Google Citations Acquisition.

Local Citations


Google Business listings are listings you would look up in the outdated phone directories only they retrieve via the internet. The listing can be more robust with photos and location maps included.

Google business listings can be more robust with photos and location maps included. Place up to 6 business photos and a location map. This is much more information than the old phone directory ads

Google Local Citations Acqusition

Local Places listings are free to all businesses, however there is a lot to know. We can help put your business in a position to benefit from the new trends in Business Search by guaranteeing your business is found on page one in Google Places Business Search.

Google Local Citations

The 4 critical steps in securing top Google Local Rankings.

Claim your Google Listing
Setup of Categories
Business Reviews
Google Compliant Citations and Linking

Along with these 4 critical Google Local SEO factors, it is important that you have an online presence (website).

You will want to be listed in local business directories where local customers will find your business. Once your business has achieved page one rankings maintaining your position in local search is important. Ongoing consistent application of citations and linking become crucial in keeping or improving ranking position. Now is the time to advance your businesses marketing and future.

The Importance of Citations in Google Local SEO

Citations are like inbound links but include your business phone number and address. When Google finds your business information on varied websites in a specific format, it will categorizes your business not only as valid but also relevant to the category.


Our Local SEO Team can apply our tested strategy to boost your Google Local listing and start sending a new customer stream to your business. Call for us for a consultation today. 

It's About Citations for Local Listings

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